Choosing to Be Myself feat. Jamar Diggs


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Jamar Diggs is one of my social media besties, y'all! He is a YouTube conversion coach who helps service-based experts build bomb channels. I was drawn to him because of his presence, confidence, and laughs!!
Jamar talks to us about realizing he was living a life someone else wanted for him (his parents, mainly) instead of a life he wanted for himself. Growing up with parents who judged his decisions left him feeling anxious about how others perceived him as he grew into adulthood. He was always thinking two steps ahead, trying to anticipate how another person was receiving him, or how he was making that person feel.
After Jamar realized he had a choice and began setting the boundaries he needed to figure out who he was, his life changed.
Stay tuned to the end to hear about Jamar's ex-career in deer hunting :)
Jamar Diggs is a YouTube Conversion Coach. He helps service-based experts RANK on YouTube and Google Search so they can stop being a slave to the Instagram content spiral. With his corporate marketing experience, Jamar takes YouTube strategy and YouTube SEO best practices to drive more problem-aware people to his client's offers.




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