It Was A Dark and Story Night...


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Many of us Boomers can recount at least a dozen different jobs and career paths since we first entered the job market. And our next guest - Rod Baker - is no different. Rag baler, able seaman, tugboat deckhand, shipwright, businessman, college instructor, psychotherapist, executive director for mental health organizations...are just a few of the many hats Rod has worn in his life.
But here's what makes Rod different. He has not only been willing to turn misfortune into opportunity, he's also been brave enough to put his exploits into a series of delightful memoirs. In this episode he recounts the terrors of going to sea as a young man and finding himself shipwrecked in the middle of night. Tune in. You won't be disappointed. 15qha7Xp2mjVJkUHWpPP
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