Fighting in Harmony Mission 1-2 - Liaison with Locals


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Excerpt from the personal log of Connor Elias AKA Gameshow:

Damn this swamp, damn these bugs, and damn the humidity. Haven't these people heard of air conditioning? First I haven't had a good drink in days, next this. At least my team agreed on a good leader for this rebellion, though her showmanship is lacking a bit. Also met a kid. He seems nice, but a bit too tired. Something about a lack of sleep? I get it, I used to just *die* if I didn't get my 10 hours in my sensory deprivation pod. Anyway, time to go show them all what ol' Gameshow is capable of. I'm sure it'll go just as smooth as last time. Ta-ta!

Music Credits:

Intro: Zero Signal - Sean Kolton

Metal Star, From Beyond the Stars: Discovery, one - Austin Wintory

Union Reps: Workmen Retaliation Remix (Remastered) - Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons

Out in the Field: Shoreline - Austin Wintory

Rebel Cells: Rogue Chariot - Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang

Building Up 1: Trenches (Remastered) - Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons

Combat Situation 1: Crucible - Sean Kolton

Combat Situation 2: The Great Equalizer - Sean Kolton

Outro: Tenacity, two - Austin Wintory

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