Slick Summer Nights: Part Six


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Summary: That's all folks! July has come to a close and so has Boobies & Noobies' inaugural summer special, Slick Summer Nights (not to mention the fifth season of the podcast). What happens when one of your contestants has an emergency the day of recording? Well, you step in with one of your favorite car sex scenes, of course. The competition is FIERCE in this one...
All month long, we've highlighted a few of our favorite steamy scenes from romance novels in a head-to-head styled showdown. Be sure to follow Boobies & Noobies on social media and cast YOUR votes for the steamiest scene of them all on our Instagram.
The Judge:
Bree Hill, co-host of the Categorically Romance podcast
The Contestants:
Jillian Graves reading from The Professional by Kresley Cole
- Read Jillian's debut novel, Titan: a Gargoyle Daddy Dom Romance
Kelly Reynolds reading from Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley
- Add Kelly's upcoming debut holiday novella, Meet Me in Los Feliz on Goodreads
- And of course, listen to Boobies & Noobies!
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