Baystate Business: Covid Issues (Radio)


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Bloomberg Baystate Business for Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 - Janet Domenitz, executive director of MassPIRG on the right to repair issue (1:06) - Anne Mostue reports on the push by Governor Baker for a two-month sales tax holiday (13:09) - Janet Wu speaks with Rapid7 CEO Corey Thomas, about cybersecurity issues and company news (17:57) - Vinnie Lombardi of the Lyons Group and the Summer Shack in Cambridge on the debate over a possible return to Happy Hours for bars and restaurants (27:24) - Bloomberg “Balance of Power” host David Westin speaks with GE CEO Larry Culp (34:50) - Hebrew SeniorLife CEO Lou Woolf talks about their decision to make vaccination a condition of employment (43:18) - Bloomberg News reporter James Paton on how Covid is delivering an unsettling reality check across the globe (53:39) Hosts: Tom Moroney, Joe Shortsleeve and Kim Carrigan Producer: Dan Pierce

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