A Last-Minute 2021 NBA Mock Draft


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Good Morning NBA Fans! Today is the single best day of the year. It is NBA Draft Day. Now, I typically look forward to this day more than I look forward to my own birthday. This year is a little different than most because the Minnesota Timberwolves don’t own a single pick in this draft. While that could potentially change, it would mean giving up something to make it happen. Regardless, I still am giddy thinking about the impact tonight will have on the NBA for years to come. Though Minnesota isn’t involved in the selection process, that doesn’t mean they won’t get their hands dirty in a different way tonight. I’m excited to see if (and how) Gersson Rosas shakes up the roster tonight.

So, with the excitement of the NBA Draft, I sat down and did a full lottery mock draft here for the latest episode of the podcast. So if you want a last-minute primer to get ready for tonight’s main event, give the show a listen!

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