Brant Storme and the Cunning Crypt Caper


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The moon is full on the most haunted, cursed night of the year. And there is not better time than that for this: a particularly cursed piece of audio. Listen in horror at the bumbling escapades of the worst Gentleman Thief to ever live...if you dare. Starring Kale B. as Unnamed Vaguely Slavic Person, Mummydad H'stry-Museeeeem IV(SuperHumanFoods on Twitter) Amy Y. as Gun Gunberg, Tum-Raah of Nah-chos (achill3a on Twitter) Rebecca M. as Quintessa Von Straaahd (DokBlock on Twitter) Ness/Stephen B. as Pete-Sir, Prospector Howard, Giant Baby (NessRocker on Twitter S. J. Ryker as Brant Storme, Bus Busman (LookWhosFhtagn on Twitter) Written by absolutely nobody, and it shows. Brant Storme concept created by Tucker M. (TheBeverage on Twitter) Deadly Roulette, George Street Shuffle, No Good Layabout, Rollin' at 5, I Knew a Guy, Opportunity Walks, Hard Boiled, Anxiety, Cool Vibes, Wholesome, Unseen Horror, Corncob, Shades of Spring, Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet, and Night on the Docks by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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