Jokanovic Out - Quick Reaction


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Jokanovic, I hardly knew ye. Ben and Andrew react to today's surprise news that Jokanovic and Sheffield United are parting ways, as we try to figure out what the hell's going on. We also discuss the win over Reading and how things might go on Sunday against Bristol City. Finally, just to take this opportunity to wish John Fleck a full and speedy recovery, and all the best to him and his family. UTB. Thank you as always for listening to BladesPod! Follow Ben (@bladespod) and Andrew (@panchero) on Twitter, and check out the award-winning for all the latest views from opposition fans before and after our games. BladesPod is brought you by NordPass, the new generation password manager where security meets simplicity. Get a special 50% off NordPass at or use code bladespod when you sign up - you also get an additional month FREE.

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