Health & Happiness: The impact of exercise - Expert Insights for Health Professionals


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Exercise is a neglected area for intervention in mood and anxiety disorders, yet the evidence is unequivocal in terms of benefit to mental health.
This Expert Insights panel session examines some of the predictors of poor implementation in the clinical space, and what practitioners can do to overcome these barriers to exercise. We also focus on some of the major benefits as well as emerging innovations in wellbeing and exercise.

Simon Rosenbaum: Scientia Associate Professor, UNSW Sydney; President, Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Alexander Svenson: Clinical Psychologist at the Black Dog Institute
Caroline Bellenger: Lived Experience Representative

Facilitated by: Carol Newall, Clinical Psychologist, Black Dog Institute
Recording and sound production: Nathan Bell
Voiceover: Cameron Banks, Black Dog Institute

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