Secrets of Building a High Performance Self-Accountable Culture


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Culture isn't about ping pong tables, fully stocked kitchens, and on-premise child care. Those things are about byproducts, not end results. Culture is what happens when the "boss" is away. Join us as we discuss with Wayne Mullins the role, importance, and challenge of forming a culture in your workplace, as well as how to get people to “buy in” to that culture. #ABandP #BizHelpForYou
Wayne is a husband, father of 4, founder, CEO, entrepreneur and author. He’s a generous soul, a risk taker and an out-of-the-box, against the grain thinker & leader. Over the past 20 years, Wayne Mullins has scaled multiple companies and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same with their companies. Ugly Mug Marketing has won the praises of some of the leading influencers in the business world such as Neil Patel (Founder of QuickSprout + Kissmetrics) and Ari Weinzweig (Co-founder of Zingerman’s).
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I'm Candy Messer, President of Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll and Podcast Host of Biz Help For You. This channel will share helpful information for you to run a successful business including tips in the areas of bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, business licenses, and other compliance PLUS information I share from experts in other fields.
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