093: Sans-Souls (Dead Island 2, Embracer Group, Unleash The Light)


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We're back with another Big Week in Gaming for Monday 22 August 2022. Join integot, Mike & Swinny as they delve deep into the most dasterdly headlines of the week - including Dead Island 2 rising from the grave, Embracer Group buying Lord of the Rings, Steven Universe Unleash The Light getting a very Swinny-focused update for consoles - and much, much more.

So grab your closest custom melee weapon and prepare for this horde of highlights:

▸ Dead Island 2 is ALIVE!!!!

▸ Embracer Group goes on another shopping spree, including LOTR & Limited Run Games

▸ I find out if another budget game was worth wasting my coffee money on

▸ And Swinny's 16 month wait for a game update is over...

#DeadIsland2 #EmbracerGroup #UnleashTheLight

Games covered this week:

▸ Coffee Talk

▸ Comix Zone

▸ Days Gone

▸ Dead Island 2

▸ Elden: Path of the Forgotten

▸ Gale of Windoria

▸ Ghost Recon Wildlands

▸ Gimmick! Special Edition

▸ God of War

▸ Kitaria Fables

▸ Myst (2021)

▸ New Tales from the Borderlands

▸ Pong

▸ Sky: Children of the Light

▸ Snow Bros

▸ Space Channel 5

▸ Steven Universe: Unleash The Light

▸ Teardown

▸ The Forgotten City

▸ Two Point Campus

▸ Zero Wing


00:00:00 Intro

00:10:42 What we playin'

00:39:21 Elden: Path Of The Forgotten | Budget Gaming (Mike's Gamespresso)

00:49:55 Dead Island 2 New Details - Release Date, Screenshots & More!

00:57:54 Embracer Group Buys Rights To Lord Of The Rings, Limited Run Games

01:07:56 Steven Universe: Unleash The Light 4.0 Update Comes To Switch, PS4 & Xbox One

01:12:50 PONG! Another New Analogue Pocket Core Unleashed

01:19:50 One Min For The Swin

01:33:38 Outro & Next Week

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