Beyond With Donna Maree Episode 1


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I’m Donna Maree.
I’m a Psychic Medium Spiritual Fitness Coach.
Welcome to Beyond.
Having worked as a psychic for over 20 years, I saw a common theme - we humans relying upon predictions to validate the choices we are making.
Whilst that is such a beautiful normal human thingy.
Here at beyond we believe
there isn’t a wrong move to be made .
All humans are capable of much more than they truly know.
With laughter, tears and F bombs we take you beyond the noise the judgement the fear & show you how to show you up unapologetically as yourself.
We make sense of things that don’t.
Strap yourselves get ready to be
💓become unapologetically you
💓Get ready to go beyond
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Loves Dm
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This Episode was produced, edited & engineered by Michael P L Richardson.
The music in this Episode was created by Michael P L Richardson, Copyright 2022.

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