Is Everything that Runs on Electricity Bad for Us? The Science Says "Probably"...


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What if I told you that there is clear, convincing, peer reviewed, and widely accepted research showing that things in the world around us that run on electric power could be hurting us in ways that we don’t even fully understand? It’s true. My uncle Dr. Martin Blank -- professor at Columbia University -- was for decades one of the world-leading scientists when it came to the effect of the radiation that comes from all of the things that run on electric power on the cells in our body. After he died, his son (my cousin) decided to carry on his work. He joins the show today to describe the science -- both what we know and what we don't know -- and to offer some practical, common sense (and mostly free) solutions for mitigating risks. He also hosts the Healthier Tech Podcast, a show about how best to live in balance with our increasing reliance on tech. Listeners who want to learn more and get free information on the science and what they can do can visit

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