Give Me Your Heart - Paul M. Williams


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Proverbs 23:22-26

If there’s one Last Days characteristic that has come swiftly upon Western society over the last 60-70 years, it is the flippant and widespread rebellion of children against their parents. It is almost an accepted norm that when children turn teenagers, the relationship between them and their parents breaks down. It used to be that the most important unit in the life a young person was their family. Families are God given institutions of grace. Conduits of His love which provide for children safety and nurture. As Christians, do we not endeavour to raise our children in the fear and discipline of the Lord and to communicate to them in word and deed, the love of Christ. Children are supposed to be among the happiest people on the earth and when they are in the confines of a loving family unit, they generally are! Satan is well aware of this and seeks on every hand to destroy our young ones. How does he do this? He seeks to destroy the family unit!!

This sermon is a call to Fathers and mothers to gain the hearts of their children. It is call by our heavenly Father also, to His children, saying, “Give me your heart”.

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