Sunday Morning Coming Down


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Sunday Morning Coming Down, Ghost Riders In The Sky and I'm so lonesome I could Die. Done in the likeness of various artists, music via sing along and try not to grimace too much, lol
Also I talk about falling down socially, getting back up, don't day drink and I love how the foreign spirits posses me through my DNA. I just randomly let voices gooooooo on this podcast.
This is Friday, I thought Id create a little more silly than serious, voice overs and song into a end of the week. Have a drink or two, a toke or three and a gummy to cap the night, whatever you do, do it safely, someone loves you, Hope you are laughing and learning, please pass this podcast on, very appreciated.
"Pass over the keys to a sober and live to breath another day, for you and someone you don't know"
Take care, love and think of others before you try making people happy, without first healing your own heart and soul.
Thank you kindly for your support, here we go round three...
Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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