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Yet another lock down "Restriction based action" approaches, Im spent, people and society are spent, tired, exhausted and anxious. Pandemic is suppose to be a season, not generational, what is truly going on?, people need to see the truth, people are tired of the fog, people are mentally exhausted from failed governments approach of population control and dangerous viral experiments, vaccinated and unvaxed alike are taking notice, were is the visual evidence of the pandemic, show us Omicron and 8 or 9 other variants in the raw, people need more than words!
You push people into a corner and they will push back, truth needs to be told. My guess the powers that be, lost controll of COVID-19 from the get go, I always said this was a Frankenstein virus that will be our nemesis if not contained.
Stay safe, healthy and stand up and seek the truth before we loose more people for nothing.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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