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Hello, I talk briefly about local, national and global issues. I sing 3 songs today, Tell you about Siberia, voice overs and more. I share a short story dropped on my desk, the history of radio is kewl and My fiancé is my forever, I'm so proud to say. A little about Siberia cause I've a friend abroad, Once, twice or three times a week, I'd like to create a good news article from every country that my subs are from.
I'm chicklet less at the moment, please bare with me, time is not on our side, please do tell the ones you love, they are loved and appreciated.
Remember, sometimes family is not blood, yet connections that have lasted a lifetime, a best friend and the extensions of there family and so on.
We are truly all one family, deeply connected to our environments and eachother, we share commonalities that no government can squash!
The only hope is to become a co existing, sustainably minded true "Global Village" or fall together amongst our failures as people. "We are citizens of the only known world to sustain life"
We have a choice, we can still attain our freedoms and lives we are living, just do it differently. Do it differently, so we don't create a hole we can never crawl out of. Humanity who wants to live and prosper will be a humanity willing to take a leap off the old cliff of thought. Use the wings of tech and harmonics we have inside us, to sore higher than the old subjugating ideologies.
A train of antiquidated ideology and a maladaptive social engineering. No true understanding of future consequences, bringing this planet and all its inhabitants to there knees or death!.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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