Frosty The Snow Man n gang.


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Sing along if you will, Its just a bit of tradition and silliness, the world is gloomy so let us play awhile, X-mas, Christmas, lol. What ever you believe in, let it be a safe and healthy time for you, family and friends. Its a song or two , Frosty the snowman and Rudolf the red Nose Reindeer. we have to destress and shake off the world, some do it with ritual and programming, set routines in order to function, well break away a tad, from that once and awhile. Just to be silly, helps balance or bring out different bio reactions that are supressed and hardly utilized for there organic positives on our whole person. AKA LAUGHTER, FUN, REBIRTH
Stay safe, healthy and strong in the face of...….yourself, our own worst enemy, remember tomorrow is a new day. I'm harmonically reaching out.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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