Devil Went Down To Georgia.


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Ok my voice is raw, my gums are numb and if I sing another song, I'm falling down on my bum, lack of oxygen, lol. X2 more songs Devil went down to Georgia and A Boy named Sue.
This is the last for a few days, hope you enjoy, did this last podcast with my little country twist and voice over, no harm intended, just a little clean fun and its something I'm good at, we think, he he he he.
Never to late in life to laugh, giggle, have fun and remember what the other parts of our brain are, besides being programmed to become part of a very cold and humourless world.
I'm no professional singer obviously, that Ill probably not reach, so in the place of that realm I bring you the silliest beats.
Thank you kindly, sing along, dance, stomp your feet or just swipe left or right lol.
Take care, be safe and do look out for the little ones, the helpless who have become victims of our material indulgence and reciprocal blindness to the decay of society.
If we are going out as a species, then let us go out in laughter and fun, its better to have truly lived, than to wonder what it would have been like to be yourself.
Devil went down to Georgia/ music Easy Karaoke
Boy Named Sue/ Music Party Time Karaoke
Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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