Mental Well Being.


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I wrote a piece of literature today and wanted too share that piece with you, Its about mental well being. A subject that is felt across the world and effects millions upon millions of people.
People are real, tangible, having a complex set of dynamics that have shaped there lives. "People are more than labels and social experiments"
Mental health and its components have altered copious amounts of lives, not only movie stars, "Day to day folk, family, friends and neighbors. They too have also committed suicide, vanished inside or succumbed to mental health wellness.
We are a fragile species, creatures of our habits, victims of circumstance, genetics, society and consequences we create or put upon us by others.
More inner journey, compassion, tangible dreams, connection with our harmonic presence in the world and universe. Less worldly desire, material fixations, vanity and consumption of everything alive.
Absolutely focus our attention on the betterment of mental well being and fixing the environments that hinder our progress as a sustainable civilization. Hence positively influencing our mental health and not creating more phycological turmoil. We could potentially achieve ascension for all creatures on this Earth and achieve this with not one one drop of blood or loss in nature.
Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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