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I have been unjustly treated, 2 weeks and 2 days of hell, I do swear in this podcast, albeit nothing ever explicit, all my information is in front of me and cross referenced. I has taken 14 attendants through Equifax, no closer than from when I begun, someone is fraudulently trying to steal 536.00 in Koodos name, Filed an RCMP fraud complaint, got file, proof I payed debt with a settlement to National Credit with release paper in hand, information pumping thieves, now I've increased spam on my email from dirty emails from God only knows were.
Equifax employees all over the world on unsafe IP addresses having access to sensitive Canadian personal information, I had enough and instead of blowing up at the horrendous customer service people who are just programmed sheep anyway, I using my podcast to tell and warn others of what, when and were to ask if you find your self in the same situation being abused and your sensitive info being sold amongst foreign entities. AKA "Chicken farmer, with laptops!
Be safe, healthy and don't be intimidated or bullied into carrying over a false credit rating, it takes time, so be patient, keeep track of all communications and if you feel like you are being scammed, defrauded or other, report to authorities immediately.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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