Bee Cyber Fit Podcast - Special Preview


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Welcome to the Bee Cyber Fit Podcast!
We created this podcast for our Yale community of faculty, staff and students. Our messages are universal, however, and we invite anyone to tune in and listen. (we encourage you to share our episodes with your family, friends and colleagues!)
Check out our preview of the podcast and what you can expect during our first season.
Are you confused by too many technical terms? Not here!
Our goal is to de-mystify cybersecurity and help you become "cyber fit" using easy-to-understand language.
This podcast is for everyday people like us, your hosts Wendy and James.
We created it with you AND ourselves in mind - people who want to stay cyber safe in easy ways, no technical degree needed.
This podcast is ideal if you want to:

  • Gain a better understanding of cyber terminology without all the "tech-speak"
  • Understand how the latest cybersecurity news applies to you
  • Learn simple things you can do to increase your cyber-safety
  • Listen to compelling cyber stories that remind you what NOT to do

We can't wait for you to lean, listen and learn with us every two weeks, starting October 4.
Remember, it only takes simple steps to get cyber fit. Let's Bee Cyber Fit, together.
Don't miss an episode, be sure to sign up for our email notifications. Yale community members who sign up by October 31 will be entered to win one of our Bee Cyber Fit podcast prize packs!
Want to learn more about Yale University cybersecurity? Check out our Bee Cyber Fit newsletter and sign up for our monthly cybersecurity tip.

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