Ep. 147 - Mike Lecolant & Peter Gorton Discuss Negro Leaguer John Donaldson


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LIVE, Sunday, at 6:00 pm (EST), The Bedford & Sullivan Podcast welcomes back Negro Leagues Baseball historian and founder of The Donaldson Network, Peter Gorton. Based in Minnesota, Peter leads a group of historians dedicated to discovering the lost legacy of John Wesley Donaldson. Hosted by Brooklyn Trolley Blogger Michael Lecolant, Sunday's episode will discuss Donaldson's lone season with the Brooklyn Royal Giants, his career accomplishments, learn about the life of one of the more incredible and inspiring athletes to ever play the game, and how his fantastic legacy became lost to a nation. With the Early Baseball Era Committee's upcoming vote taking place on Dec. 5, the hope is John Wesley Donaldson is finally awarded a rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Please join Michael Lecolant and featured guest Peter Gorton for this and more, Sunday evening, live at 6:00 pm (EST), 5:00 pm (CST).

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