Never Too Heavy with Wangũi Hymes


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Wangũi Hymes is an embodied flow state. She is a wise being, a teacher and student of liberation, and she is a holder. But she always "thought [she] was too heavy to be held". This week she talks to us about learning how to be held in community, learning how to feel buoyant, and how things get easier when you have the privilege of being connected to "some of the most wondrous beings this world has to offer".

Wangũi and I met as working residents at a Buddhist Center in Berkeley, CA, which is where she learned to be still, and find her breath. She describes the awakening that happened for her when she "uncovered and discovered that the thing [she] was trying to run from was the very thing she was trying to run towards, and the only thing standing in her way was [herself]."

She wants you to "allow yourself to be heavy. To lay on the Earth, put your cheek against it, and just allow yourself to be held, and know that you are never too heavy."

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