Call In Show REPLAY - November 17, 2022


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This episode is brought to you by Your Turn Café, a board game café in Zephyrhills, FL.
0:00 Intro
03:45 Robo Rally On BGA
05:50 Caller - Ron (Atlanta)
11:07 Marvel Dice Throne
13:50 King of Tokyo & Battle Yahtzee games
16:00 Game Complexity & Replay ability
27:14 Hasbro Heroscape Fail
31:30 Hasbro Stock Downgraded
40:20 Caller - Mihir Shah (Florida)
41:00 Wayfarers of the South Tigris
53:23 Revive
59:30 Lacrimosa
1:01:51 BGG Con
01:13:10 Jaipur
01:15:07 Wingspan Nesting Box
01:17:05 Hanamikoji
01:21:55 Viticulture World
01:22:48 Closing Notes
Thursdays, we host a live call in show to discuss board games you've been playing and enjoying.
*** (813) 618-7099 ***
Call in and share what you've been playing lately.
9pm ET
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The Beans and Dice team is based in the greater Tampa Bay area.
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