Why Imposter Syndrome Is Starting "To Sound Like Bulls**t"


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"Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white guy". This was a tactic we heard in our Season 1 episode on Imposter Syndrome. If you haven't yet, give this episode a listen. It's our most downloaded episode, and the topic we are asked to speak the most about. For a while, it's felt as though lots of us couldn't get enough tactics to battle imposter syndrome within ourselves.

Then, our friends and all-around geniuses Jodi-Ann Burey and Ruchika Tulshyan co-wrote Stop Telling Women They Have imposter Syndrome, for the Harvard Business Review, followed by End Imposter Syndrome In Your Workplace (chock-full of tactics, btw!). And it got us thinking: Are we still cool with what we said about imposter syndrome in that old episode? That it is truly an individual issue we must each overcome, rather than a red flag about bigger, systemic biases and obstacles?

So we asked Jodi-Ann to listen to that old episode, poke holes in it, and tell us why she thinks imposter syndrome is bulls**t. Which is exactly what she did - in a delightful, hilarious, thought-provoking way.

GUEST: Jodi-Ann Burey is a disruptor, thinker, and writer - and her TEDx Seattle Talk on authenticity at work has been viewed more than a million times. Find her on instagram @jodiannburey. Her podcast is called Black Cancer.

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