Battle Science Podcast - May 7th: May the (Dragon)Force Be With You?


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Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) go LOOOOOOONG in a content rich episode after all of May’s announcements. May starts it’s first half off with some Dragon and Fairy spawns, and will end with Dark type and Rocket buffoonery in the second half With the two X and Y events. GO Fest has been announced for mid July, so do not forget to mark your calendars.

Commander Cup has graced us with interesting team building steps and a big yellow psychic dominating the early tournaments. What spicy picks do Steven and Jesse suggest?

This episode's Community Question (Prompt): Pick a Star Wars character and build them a team of six Pokemon.


00:00:00 Intro

00:05:45 News Roundup - May Shenanigans

00:53:20 News Roundup - GO Fest

01:03:50 News Roundup - Silph Playoffs Calendar

01:11:26 Meta Analysis - Commander Cup

02:05:50 Community Question - Responses

02:33:26 Community Question - Star Wars Character's Team of Six

02:37:04 Outro

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