Battle Science - Oct 23: Spooky Marshes & Nice Sprites


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Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) Blitz through some spooky news and updates as we get deep into October.

GBL's Halloween Cup and Silph Arena's Marsh Cup fast approach, so we take a look at some of the top performers and how some team building might shake out.

This episode's Community Question(s) is: Is there power creep in Pokemon go pvp? Are things like Galarian Stunfisk going to continue to come out and push out slightly slower charging, slightly weaker Pokemon out of the general meta? What is your feeling on move updates that could make unused Pokemon/moves relevant but boost already well preforming 'mon (i.e. a steel wing buff, but it changes how Skarmory is played)??

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