Coast of Spain (featuring Joe Prince)[EP 22]


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-Episode 22 w/ our special guest & hooper, Joe Prince. -Joe brings us through his journey as a high school, collegiate & soon to be professional basketball player. -Anthony Davis has blocked everyone’s shot, even people who haven’t played against him. -Is Blake the new Melo? -Ball is Life / Hoop Mixtapes are slightly outta control -The "Terry Rozier is better than Michael Jordan" thread on twitter LMAO -Current best bald NBA players -A lot of hot takes, including Westbrook making a run at another MVP. -Joe has been watching 84-85 NBA Finals games, studying Magic & Bird. -Schedule Breakdown -This is really just three guys who love hoops, shootin the shit. Buster Of The Week: You gotta just hear the story, smh. this week's Jam Session: Live Up To My Name - Baka Not Nice stay posted w/ our 'Jam Session' playlist on Spotify:…ELbLJjZwB6Kj8N5I thanks to our sponsors! - DRAFT ( Come and join me on DRAFT today! Download the app any time – just search DRAFT in your app store and join a game in minutes! Or play right from your computer on – whatever you want! For a limited time only, all new players get a FREE entry into a draft when you make your first deposit! But you have to use our promo code 'BLJAM'. That’s right – play a real money game for free just for using our promo code 'BLJAM' on your first deposit on draft! - 5 Star Vintage ( the very best vintage clothing at an affordable price. use our discount code 'JAM' FOR 15% off your order. Get in touch if you have any comments / questions / requests!

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