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Steve Martin apparently worked on the script for L.A. STORY for seven years before he and director Mick Jackson brought this romantic fantasy comedy to the big screen in 1991. Martin plays Harris K. Telemacher, a depressed weather presenter, trapped in an unfulfilling relationship with his socialite girlfriend and disheartened by the superficiality of the Los Angeles scene. After being dumped by his girlfriend and receiving cryptic relationship advice from a freeway sign he begins to fall for Sara, an English journalist - from London of course - writing an article about Los Angeles for the London Times. With that relationship complicated by Sara's pledge to reconcile with her ex-husband (Richard E Grant), Telemacher begins dating SanDeE* (Sarah Jessica Parker), a ditzy clothing store assistant and only an improbable weather based emergency will ensure the smooth running of the course of true love.
Witty and full of eccentricity, time has not been kind to some of the romantic elements of the story but the sharp, fast-paced comedy still remains entertaining and amusing.

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