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This weeks Midweek Mention is a glorious mishmash of ultra low-budget niche-interest film-making and Sidey trolling as we start our winter celebrations with a look at The Asylum's HOME ALONE with dogs clone, BONE ALONE (aka ALONE FOR CHRISTMAS).
When Dad (David Deluise) and family mistakenly accuse talking German Shepherd Bone of almost ruining Christmas, he is packed off to the worlds worst kennel rather than taken to Grandma's house to enjoy the festivities. Realising that their house will be robbed by an overly flirtatious postman and his two idiotic goons, one of whom looks like Mackenzie Crook on crack, Bone is forced to escape and defend his home before Christmas is ruined for real this time.
BONE ALONE is not a good movie in any conventional way and any enjoyment that can be extracted from it is mostly of the 'so bad it's good' variety though the pure sadism of the crafty canines and the absurd plotting are particularly entertaining. There's also the comically cheap special effects, awful performances, homages to popular culture - hey, remember that scene in DIE HARD where John McClane is crawling around a ventilation shaft? This movie remembers it too - and Z-list actor Kevin Sorbo, popping up as an evil dog catcher named Quentin in order to recreate memorable scenes from JAWS and then disappear from the movie, never to be heard from again. A jaw dropping SIXTH SENSE style twist ending reveals that Dad's father is Santa and also he has never been to his son's house for some reason.

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