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BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III picks up immediately after the cliff-hanger ending of the second movie, with Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) receiving a letter from a stranded but happy Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), after a freak burst of lightning struck the DeLorean. Discovering that Doc was killed a week after writing the letter, Marty travels back to The Old West in 1885 to rescue his eccentric friend...
For such a beloved franchise, the BACK TO THE FUTURE series has always carried some ideas that are a little strange; a teenager that’s best friends with a reclusive 60-something year old local oddball seems a slightly odd choice of protagonist in the cold light of day as does Marty's plan in the original movie to pretend to try to rape his own mother in order to help George win Lorraine's affection whilst the existential dread of Marty coming back to a new house and truck and meeting fresh versions of his family, inferring a life that he didn't live all the while carrying memories of a life that no longer exists is never directly addressed to my knowledge.
After the high concept, great execution smash hit success of the first movie and the haywire craziness of PART II, the third film in the BTTF franchise suffers by feeling a little bit too small in comparison. Reversing the chemistry of the two leads, where Doc finds himself acting on his emotions when falling in love with Clara (Mary Steenburgen) whilst Marty has to stay calm and rational, is a charming way to round out the series and show how our characters have grown but overall the Old West setting is a bit uninteresting and a series known for zest and invention kind of fizzles out a little. Don't expect all the Dads to agree on that take, or do, it’s not up to me but do expect some discussion of the persistent and recurring incest themes, hot and confusing though they are.

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