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Man from Jersey plays the Man of Steel! Our fellow islander make it big with his star turn as Superman in Zac Snyder's take on Kal-Els origin story.
In no was biased we get wax lyrical about Mr Cavill and his super buff physique. The film is not bad too! If you remember the previous version of this, you'll recall General Zod and his cronies turn up on Earth and wage war in an attempt to get Superman to give up the Kryptonian codex. This is a retelling of that story, but with much more brutal building destruction. Basically a city zoning officials wet dream.
Zac Snyder has a pretty distinctive style which you're no doubt familiar with. That will pretty much determine how much you'll enjoy this movie. We did enjoy it, but would have enjoyed Henry Cavill to have another stab at Superman with an original story. Never mind.
Reegs would be very cross if we didn't mention Hans Zimmer's score which he thoroughly enjoyed.

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