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Bad Dad Peter has recently spent some time with his children in the USA and having sampled the finest our cousins from the other side of the Atlantic have to offer, he thought he'd recognise the high watermark of American culture, the film offerings of the Disney company, for this week’s show. Our top 5 Memorable Disney Moments features a broad spectrum of Walt's offerings.
It would be easy to dismiss the latest Disney Pixar movie as being a shameless TOY STORY cash-in and just like any normal adult my enthusiasm for a Buzz Lightyear origin story was virtually non-existent, so when the reviews came in and decreed almost universally that LIGHTYEAR was mediocre my expectations were lower than a crypto bros credit score. When Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) accidentally maroons the 1200 strong crew of The Turnip on an uncharted planet, he will stop at nothing to save their lives, even if it costs him his own. Buzz learning that he cannot fix everything and that he has to be willing to accept help is a meaningful character arc allowing the movie to discuss its themes of male vulnerability, what it means to inspire someone, how to respond to mistakes in life and wraps all that up in a plot which features an interesting use of real world physics like the Theory of Special Relativity. Enjoyed by all of our kids, this was a surprise hit.
Whilst there is an extremely unpleasant Urban Dictionary definition pertaining to STEAMBOAT WILLIE, which involves parts of the male anatomy, cigarettes and locomotive impressions, it's the slightly less scatological 1928 animated debut of Mickey and Minnie Mouse we're chatting about this week. It's a Disney classic so of course it features brutal animal violence which we know you all enjoy.

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