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We're going full edgelord this week as we discuss the Top 5 Most Controversial movies, from some of the most distressing cinema we've ever seen to the most divisive. Expect buttery sex acts, cannibals, violence, a discussion about whether movies are guilty by association to their problematic stars, and of course, Star Wars polariser, THE LAST JEDI.
Written, directed by and starring LA comedy writers Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe, GREENER GRASS (2019) is an absurdist comedy about the extreme politeness, weaponised passive aggression and hostility of the suburbs. Jill Davies' (DeBoer) impulsive decision to give away her baby to best friend Lisa (Luebbe) has far-reaching consequences, threatening her relationship with pool water obsessed husband Nick and exacerbating son Julian's behavioural issues. Based on a short comedy film and with several SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast members involved in supporting roles, those roots sometimes show themselves as this is not entirely successful as a feature length movie but its consistent funniness and surreal examination of persistent cultural ideas about not offending people, performative gestures of kindness, the ridiculous keeping-up-with-The-Jones's struggle for validation and how women are constantly apologising for minor transgressions makes this well worth catching.
We finish things off with POLLY POCKET which was a fondly remembered plaything for some of our partners and wives but unfortunately was reduced to a charmless animated commercial when we watched it, with weak characters and poor pacing.
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