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Cinema has had a long relationship with cigarettes, starting in the early 1920's right through to the 50's where your favourite star was almost certainly aggressively hawking their product directly to you in their latest film as well as hacking up globs of green and brown sputum in between takes. Legislation and the momentum of social opinion saw a dramatic decline in depictions of smoking on screen over the years but let's face it, if you ever want to establish your character is tense or hedonistic or self-destructive, if you ever need to show they are stressed, have just had sex or are about to undertake a heroic suicide mission, if you need a single thing to show your audience that your protagonist is impossibly cool then you're not going to be doing that with a vape are you. We take time off from our busy lives to bring you the Top 5 Cigarettes, a discussion so good it will take your breath away.
GET OUT is Jordan Peele's sensational 2017 horror and follows photographer Chris as he runs a dizzying gauntlet of trying to remain politely affable whilst attempting to not be too offended when he meets girlfriend Rose's liberal parents for the first time in a wearying weekend away. It's MEET THE FOCKERS with racism then, right? Well not quite.
A movie which intentionally plays on the fear of white people, for example the worry that young black males might reasonably have of experiencing violence in predominantly white American suburbs or the existence of apparently well-meaning surface-level non-racist liberals who turn out to be monsters perpetuating schemes of marginalization, subjugation and literal appropriation, this is an astonishing debut with Kubrickian style attention to detail and foreshadowing, clever dialogue, tight writing, a moody and evocative soundtrack and new ideas and discussions represented on screen. An absolute must see from a unique voice, already its targets seem a little dated with the US having culturally and spiritually regressed about a century since 2017 and the subtle threat of neoliberal racism now far outweighed by the more overt xenophobia and bigotry of the hard right, which seems to have more of a platform than ever.
It's the end of winter and Quack the duck has just finished his latest installation of Snow duck art in PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD. When a bored Peep and Chirp discover the astonishing things you can do with beaver, life will never be the same for either of them again. Narrated by Joan Cusack and set up to promote an interest in exploration and education, one of the dads was less than impressed by the scientific content.

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