Back @ IT: Office of Finance - Exceeding Expectations with Solver QuickStart


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Over the past several months, companies were forced to shift their technology strategies and which applications they would invest in. For some companies, this was a struggle as the solutions available were difficult or took too long to implement.

By keeping a pulse on the needs of organizations, Solver developed a solution that is easy to implement and can produce results in one day. Solver’s QuickStart solution coupled with Dynamics 365 Business Central surfaces important data that the Office of Finance needs for critical decision-making.

In this special episode of “Back @ IT” for the Dynamic Communities DAC News Desk, I’m joined by Nils Rasmussen, CEO of Solver. Nils not only highlights the capabilities of QuickStart, but how some of their customers are using QuickStart in some surprising ways. Thank you Solver for sponsoring this episode!


01:06: The impact of the accelerated economy has changed expectations for organizations with a higher focus on quality and speed.

02:51: Many companies saw typical implementations take months as they’re replacing homegrown Excel models or legacy reporting tools. Solver set a high bar for shifting expectations for implementation speed.

04:38: Solver’s beta program saw incredible results of time to value by a factor of 20 over their initial goal of a factor of 10.

05:25: Traditionally, a lot of time was wasted in the creation of the report versus the report being analyzed and surfacing critical data for decision-making.

06:22: Solver’s QuickStart has a foundation on the 50/50 rule. 50% of what most people need to run their business is available out-of-the-box. QuickStart is flexible and configurable so that the other 50% can be customized for unique needs for individuals or departments within the organization.

07:52: The traditional role of the Office of Finance and the CFO has changed in the past few years. There is a greater focus on strategic initiatives versus transactional focus.

09:02: Four big trends are going on with the Office of Finance: Migration to the cloud from legacy on-premise systems; the maturity of Dynamics 365 Business Central as a viable ERP option; the emergence of marketplaces for add-in solutions and apps; the growth of industry clouds (verticals) for business applications.

14:23: Nil’s highlights that we are in a new era of the “roaring 20’s”, and the future of technologies for the next decade is very exciting.

16:19: Solver has developed a unique relationship with Microsoft and is leveraging Azure for their solutions which enables them to easily layer into Dynamics 365 applications.

20:42: Customers are utilizing Solver QuickStart in unique ways such as part of their migration process from on-premise to the cloud. This allows them to validate their financial data throughout the migration process instead of afterward.

See how Solver QuickStart can empower your organization, or connect with Solver to book a demo or get answers to your questions.

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