Back @ IT: Industry Clouds Are Reshaping The Cloud Landscape


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I’ve covered in prior episodes the impact industries are having on tech and how tech is impacting various industries. However, these industry cloud solutions are being heavily invested in by big companies such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, IBM, Salesforce, Google Cloud, and Microsoft.

The reason could be that “industry clouds will be the new normal post-pandemic” as stated by Jujhar Singh, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Industry Clouds at Salesforce.

What are your thoughts?


01:18: The projected growth of the cloud computing market would hit about $791 billion by 2028.

01:54: Speed is a critical element as organizations look to leverage industry cloud solutions.

02:49: SAP CEO, Christian Klein, noted the increased interest across the automotive industry in data sharing as an enabler in cloud growth.

03:26: Jujhar Singh, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Industry Clouds at Salesforce, stated that “Industry clouds will be the new normal post-pandemic”.

04:16: Consumer spending habits have changed, expectations of quality and service have increased.

04:44 Consider these questions:

  • Has your company changed its business model to meet newer expectations?
  • Have the people in your company elevated or upskilled to compete in the acceleration economy?
  • Has automation and AI been rolled out to meet the ever-increasing need to be faster?
  • Are the cloud solutions you are using meeting your critical business needs and provide a foundation for the future?


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