Awakening Consciousness with Asher and Jesse | EP54: Living from Your Heart and Soul - Interview with Flo Magdalena


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Today we have a special guest on Awakening Consciousness, Flo Magdalena. Flo Magdalena is a visionary author and spiritual midwife. In her individual and group sessions, she combines metaphysical principles and energetic and shamanic practices to activate the soul, catalyze our remembrance, and open pathways for us to express who we are and why we have come. Her processes align our spirit, support us in giving our gifts, and deepen our heart’s connection with all life.

Flo offers deep and lasting experiences that provide understanding and certainty about our place in the universe and our personal pathways to live our fullest essence. In her epistemology, Peace is within us and Flo offers us ways to embrace and embody that in the world.

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