131 - Code Brownies


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"It took twenty seven takes, and that was the best one." That's our motto for the first 5 mins of the show. But after that we're serving up all the news, politics, and memes that you could possibly eat in one sitting.

This week we have...

Aperitifs: Ben Roberts-Smith, alleged war hero, lost a side-case in court and has been forced to pay close to half a million to Jo Dyer. A cop has been suspended and charged with assault after throwing someone face first into the ground. Morrison lies blatantly (but is that news at this point?) about the people being kept in the Park Hotel/Prison being refugees. We also talk briefly about the Tonga volcano disaster and the Australian aid response.

Positivity Corner: At the end of last year, SA was 100% renewable powered for almost an entire week! This is because of some cool and interesting changes in regulations.

UFU: Forkliftgate. Need we say more?

First Nations: A round-up of Invasion Day events and a terrible article from some racist jerkbag. Find events near you from these articles:




SPOTW: We're giving this to Kira (yet again) for their extremely high quality maymays.

Coronas: A little bit about the WA hard border, and about the Code Brown called for Victorian hospitals, and some of the particularly cooked aspects of it.

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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