143 - Sausage Queen ft. Anastasia from A New NTEU


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Earlier this week Zac sat down with Anastasia Kanjere from A New NTEU. She's running for the NTEU General Secretary position and came on the show to chat about her campaign, the National Tertiary Education Union, and the tertiary ed sector in general.

You can follow Anastasia (https://twitter.com/a_kanjere) and A New NTEU (https://twitter.com/ANewNTEU) on twitter to keep up to date with their work.

We also have a regular show for you! This week we're serving up...

SPOTW: Goes to first time poster Maeve, with honorable mentions to Hill, Amy and others.

Election Section: The Sausage Queen endorsed Anthony Albanese and all hell broke loose. Also a One Nation candidate has been referred to the Federal Police for electoral fraud.

First Nations: CW for discussing deaths in custody. Story runs from 22:15 - 30:00. An inquest has begun into the death of Veronica, a Yorta Yorta woman who died while in prison on remand.

UFU: Ben Roberts-Smith continues to win unrelentingly in court: one of his star witnesses wore a KKK outfit; one liked a violent post about killing lawyers while giving evidence; and one has been charged with assault police while trying to prevent them looking at his phone; and they've admitted they're all under separate investigation for war crimes.

Positivity Corner: unions are putting a green ban on the redevelopment of the Curtin Hotel.

Mains: it's the interview with Anastasia!

And you'll just have to wait til the end for our Pupdate!

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