135 - Sex Waffles ft. JB


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We had such a good time with our guest last week, we decided to get another one! We got JB to come on the show to talk about sex work decriminalisation and other legal frameworks, as well as the ethics of the sex industry, moralising, and about a million other things. And they didn't even get to their second point!

This week we're serving up...

Election Section: NSW had four by elections, most of which were at least fairly interesting!

SPOTW: Antony Green got Ligma'd.

Positivity Corner: JB talks to us about sex work decrim passing the Victorian parliament.

First Nations: on the anniversary of the Apology for the Stolen Generations, we had some very powerful speeches from First Nations leaders and a rage-inducingly bad one from the Prime Minister.

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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