134 - Religious Freedom Fries ft.Tilde!


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We're very excited to announce our guest host Tilde! She's a unionist and organiser and twitch streamer and a confirmed poster and came on to talk to us about the Religious Freedom / Anti-Trans Kids Bill and to explain the sad machinations of our political parties.

There's a content warning for our First Nations story which involves an Indigenous man who was killed by police, and the use of his name. The story runs from 44:40 to 55:50.

Oh and by the way, sorry about the little peeps from Bagel. He was in dog jail while we recorded and was protesting his unfair treatment.

This week we're serving up...

Aperitifs: South Australian politicians did a sit-in in the Lower House to demand something that literally can't happen. And a Victorian Labor MP will likely be expelled from the party because she crossed the floor to support a petty revenge bill.

Fashy Australia: Tilde talks to us about the Religious Discrimination Bill, the Labor Party's conservative arm (ie most of it), the Liberal Party's failed attempt to whip up concern, and to remind you to buy your trans friends a PS5.

First Nations: CW from 44:40 to 55:50. We talk about the murder trial of the Indigenous man killed by Officer Zachary Rolfe in Yuendumu in 2019.

Kook Watch: This show could pretty much just be renamed Kook Watch at this point because there's so much cooker nonsense going on in the nation's capital that we have to keep talking about it. Luckily this week we also have...

SPOTW: which goes to @ThoughtlessDeed on twitter for his personalised playing cards of all the key cooker leaders. And also a...

Potluck: a short song written by Jase! About the Cooker Convoy.

And you'll just have to wait til the end for our Pupdate!

Go check out Tilde on twitter (https://twitter.com/Ultros_pro) and Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/ultros_professional)

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