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It's our first episode of 2022 and we're bringing our new year slimy matrix goo pod energy! This week we're serving up...

Coronas: There are no RATs! Partly because half the truck drivers in the country are sick with the covid! Partly because there are no RATs! Also there's a labour crisis! Is there a great resignation going on in Australia? Whomst could say.

Kook Watch: Sovereign Citizens set fire to Old Parliament House, then tried to use the Aboriginal Tent Embassy as cover. The situation is complex and shitty in multiple ways.

Positivity Corner: The Palestine solidarity boycott of the Sydney Festival is very impressive activism! We talk about some of the common objections that have been going around twitter dot com and the newspapers' opinion pages, as well as BDS more generally and hasbarah (pro-Israel PR).

Follow these people for more updates: https://twitter.com/PalestineRising https://twitter.com/jennineak https://twitter.com/fahad_s_ali http://www.instagram.com/stories/boycottsydfest

First Nations: Gomeroi sacred sites that were going to be destroyed for a coal mine is instead being handed back to... farmers? The sites are still legally unprotected and not accessible to traditional owners.

SPOTW: We're starting off the year with a high-quality "and that child grew up to be Albert Einstein" post.

And you'll have to wait til the end for our Pupdate!

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