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I know we say "there's bad news" every week but this really is a pretty heavy episode, at least the back end of the show. We have a few content warnings that start at about 59 minutes - more specifics below. To balance it out we've tried to put in a few mini positivity corners throughout.

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Entree/Blurst Take: Craig Kelly has joined the United Australia Party which surely can't be good news for anyone.

Mini-Posi-Corner 1: Tasmanians will have much easier abortion access!

Coronas: Gladys is un-lock-down-ing, just as the cases continue to skyrocket. Plus, the government COVID Safe app is not only useless, it's actually making contact tracing much harder.

Potluck: We're not good at quick maths, but Nathan is! If you want to send us a potluck please record yourself talking for about a minute and email it to us at contact@auspolsnackpod.com

Mini-Posi-Corner 2: Truck drivers who work for Toll Group are striking!

SPOTW: How can we go past Croodsposting? But we also had a great SPOTWOOH as well as some honourable mentions. Waaaa!

Mini-Posi-Corner 3: 33 refugees have been released into community detention this week! So good. But they still need help setting up their new lives so please consider supporting this fundraiser: https://chuffed.org/project/freedom-for-refugeees

ACAB: The police have been going HAM beating up children and pepper spraying people. Meanwhile, the anti-lockdown protesters are also useless jerks!

First Nations: Wilcannia is an Indigenous community that has been systematically discriminated against for years and is now a covid hotspot. Info for how to donate to help them eat and get medical care: https://twitter.com/Meriiki/status/1431014887392563201

Fashy Australia: CW at 59:00 for suicide and descriptions of violence. Koneshwaran Krishnapillai, a Tamil refugee, died this week by setting himself on fire in Melbourne. Help his family pay for the funeral: https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-for-koneshwaran

Mini-Posi-Corner 4: It Could Happen Here is happening again! It's a podcast by Robert Evans, one of our favourite podcasters, about the collapse of modern society. Season 2 has just started, go check it out!

And you'll just have to wait to the end for our quite extensive Pupdate!

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