Discrimination rallies across Australia today, Federal vaccine roadmap revealed, The Grammys and more - Headlines by Auscast - Monday March 15, 2021


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VO by Andy Martin.


Rallies will be held across the country today...calling for action against gender discrimination and abuse in the workplace.

Among the protests...one at Parliament House in Canberra is expected to be the largest - in the wake of rape allegations levelled against the Attorney General.

The Prime Minister is expected to meet with a small group of the demonstrators.

It's as a new newspoll shows a 3 per cent drop in support for the Federal Government.


Details of a new Federal vaccine road-map are out.

All over 50's will be vaccinated from June...with local manufacturing of the vaccine getting underway in Melbourne this week.

Despite the recent cases in NSW and Queensland - WA hit a milestone today, opening their borders to all of Australia.


AND...It's understood the government is considering Fiji's proposal to open a travel bubble with Australia - similar to what we've had with New Zealand.

Fiji's economy has taken a big hit during the pandemic - it relies heavily on tourism.


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- After being postponed due to COVID19, the GRAMMY's are on in LA this morning.

Beyonce's daughter BLUE IVY won the pre-show award for Best Music Video...she starred in her mum's video for Brown Skin Girl.

The 9 year old has become one of the youngest Grammy recipients in history.

-AND music royalty is attending. RINGO STARR will present an award and DOLLY PARTON has won her 10th Grammy.

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