AUSTRALIA's COVID VACCINE ROLLOUT, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS could increase, The fallout continues for FACEBOOK and more - Headlines by Auscast


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This is headlines by Auscast Tuesday Feb 23 2021.

Im Andy Martin.

  • AUSTRALIA's COVID VACCINE ROLLOUT continues...with another 166 THOUSAND DOSES of the PFIZER vaccine arriving in Sydney.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS could increase for the first time since the 90s.
  • The fallout continues for FACEBOOK, following last week's decision to BAN AUSTRALIAN NEWS CONTENT from its platform...over proposed media bargaining laws.
  • BRITAIN has revealed its roadmap out of LOCKDOWN...
  • IN ENTERTAINMENT thanks to Little Box Co, Check out the new Gourmet Box Menu now at little
  • 6 TIME GRAMMY winning music duo, DAFT PUNK are calling it QUITS after 28 years.
  • Aussie MARGOT ROBBIE has joined the list of presenters for this year's GOLDEN GLOBES.
  • Another show's been forced to display a DISCLAIMER for viewers...
    Disney Plus has added a content warning to THE MUPPET SHOW

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