How do you hook prospects to stay, listen, then tell their story?


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In this episode, John Asher is joined by the author of "Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell", Mike Adams. One of the best ways to get someone, specifically a business prospect, to pay attention to you is by being a great storyteller. And who better to explain this than a best-selling author? Mike and John are here to explain the difference a great story can make, and the effects storytelling has on the brain... and your sales. You'll want to bookmark this episode, hosted by John Asher, with special guest Mike Adams, "How do you hook prospects to stay, listen, then tell their story?".

About John's guest, Mike Adams:

Engineer turned salesman, Mike Adams taught himself storytelling ‘on the job’ while selling and managing sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia for international corporations Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia, and Halliburton. Since 2014, Mike has been helping companies find and develop their own stories through his storytelling consulting practice.

Pick up a copy of Mike's Book, "Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell" from Amazon.

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