AD 025 Interview with Kelly-Ann Maddox


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Kelly-Ann Maddox is a qualified spiritual counsellor, award-winning Tarot reader and free-wheeling Chaos Witch. After picking up her first Tarot deck at a young age, Kelly-Ann Maddox developed an intense passion for the tool and has now spent almost two decades exploring its potential. In her work as an intuitive spiritual counsellor she seeks to combine the rich, symbolic language of the cards with different psycho-spiritual modalities including transpersonal psychology and Jungian psychoanalysis. As a pantheist pagan and a dedicated witch, she places emphasis on the importance of spiritual autonomy and enjoys helping people connect with their own views about divinity. She also focuses intensely on shadow work and self-love, offering lessons via Youtube as well as one-on-one readings, counselling sessions and Tarot mentoring. Her first e-book, 'Heal Hearts, Hold Space: Inspiring Advice for Tarot Readers' is available now.

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