Pfizer CEO Thinks Covid-19 Vaccine Will Work Against Omicron Variant, but Could Offer Less Protection


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As Omicron variant cases spread in other countries, there’s a rush to impose travel bans. At least 46 countries and territories have imposed travel restrictions from several African countries following the discovery of the variant. Japan and Israel have banned all foreign nationals from entering their countries. Late today, responding to the potential threat, and the word "potential" should be underscored here, the CDC amped-up its advice on vaccine boosters. The old word was that anyone 18 or older "may" get a booster. The new word they've chosen is "should." Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla joins Anderson to talk boosters, possible new versions of the vaccine and a pill the company has been testing to treat Covid.

Also, Tiger Woods says his days of being a full-time golfer are over. Anderson talks to Henni Koyack, the reporter who had an exclusive interview with the golf legend.

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